Five tips to kill boredom and chaos when collaborating on business documents

COVID has moved collaboration on business documents online. How to meet the challenges that follow?

Business documents like requests for quotation (RFQ), offers and contracts often require collaboration between multiple people with diverse expertise. They usually come together from different teams, often even companies, to perform a series of tasks: setting conditions for a deal, filling in data points, checking legal wordings, revising the content and so forth.  

A lot of repetitive manual work is usually involved. Crucially, on top of it, someone has to see through that the document will run through all stages, from creating the initial draft to collecting approvals for the final version.

Collaboration on documents moved online – and will remain there

The recent surge to remote work, forcefully accelerated by COVID, moved collaboration on documents online. Much of it has moved for good, say the experts and there are serious challenges. 

  1. It is a lot more difficult to connect people to collaborate on a document. Especially so if they come from different teams or even companies.
  2. Managers find it harder to keep track of progress and productivity.
  3. Document processes tend to consume a lot of time and drain productivity in general.
  4. There is too much room for costly human errors.
  5. The current online office tools simply do not usually support collaboration well enough.
  6. The tools are too many and can cause serious information security issues.

Our mission at Documill is to make online collaboration on business documents as fast and smooth as it could be. We do this in the context of the Salesforce platform, with completely integrated solutions right within it. This helps companies benefit from higher productivity, security and quality of documents. Existing work processes are streamlined to guarantee good results.

Free people up to do work they really like to do

People perform several things to do when bored that keep their minds free and relaxed. We want to free people up to do the work that they really like to do, as Salesforce Vice President John Kucera has put it.

And in addition, we also want to let people work exactly the way they like. In this series of short articles, we have collected these five tips to show you how – by meeting these five challenges with robust solutions: 

  1. How to manage your document process better?
  2. How to reconnect people to collaborate?
  3. How to get rid of the boring sales routines?
  4. How to clear the office application chaos?
  5. How to get your document signed, sealed, delivered and stored securely?

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