How to get rid of the boring sales routines

Get rid of the boring sales routines with document automation.

Document generation accelerates, often eliminates completely repetitive document routines.

With many document types, many tasks are repeated in an identical way for each new document. These can be sped up fundamentally by automated document generation. It also eliminates human errors from the process. 

Take standardized proposals or contracts that do not require negotiation. Filling in data and details in each new document is quite boring and laborious. All or most of the necessary data resides usually readily in Salesforce, so why not have it automatically populated in the appropriate parts of a document? This is exactly what automated document generation allows, with no human effort. 

According to HubSpot, the average sales representative spends more hours updating CRM systems and writing reports than selling. Here, workflow automation can add considerable value by: 

  • making the salespeople’s work more easy, nice and motivating
  • freeing them up to do more business and increase revenue
  • adding agility to processes
  • ensuring the conformity of the content.
  • offering them the possibility of pitching more effectively through professional sales deck templates.

The latter two benefits come from the way a document generation solution enables the use of pre-defined document templates. They eliminate the need to circulate each document via, say, the legal department. Instead, the legal department can check each document template once and for all. Alternative text sections (or clauses) can be added where choice is needed for the salespeople as regards the document content.  

This again adds considerable speed to document creation, along with agility and conformity of the content. 

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