How to get your document signed, sealed and delivered securely

The answer is, with the Documill solution – for example right in Salesforce.

The answer is, with the Documill solution. It allows you to store your business documents in a single place with common access, for example in Salesforce files. The latest version will always be easily available and all documents are archived with proper metadata. Data processing with GDPR compliance ensures high security. That certainly pays: McKinsey has found, for instance, that 87% of customers would not do business with a company if they had concerns about its security practices. 

By adding workflows to the process, eIDAS-compliant electronic signatures can be automatically collected from the approvers when the document is ready. The approvers tend to be busy people. Making approvals and signing as easy as possible for them – with a few clicks via actionable alerts – usually reduces turnaround time radically. 

Once ready, a copy of a signed document can be automatically delivered to anybody who needs it via email. By ensuring that the production of a document is carefully seen through up to the last approval, sales teams achieve: 

  • higher data security in compliance with GDPR 
  • smooth e-signing of documents following the eIDAS Advanced electronic signature standard by the EU
  • documents available right in the context they are used at 
  • automated delivery and archiving of signed documents. 

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