How to reconnect people to collaborate

Documill’s solution allows people to work together seamlessly online on B2B sales contracts, right in the cloud – within the Salesforce platform.

One common use case for document workflows is collaboration on B2B sales contracts that require many participants. Documill’s solution for the purpose allows people to work together seamlessly online, right in the cloud – within the Salesforce platform, regardless of their physical location. 

A company’s external participants, notably customers, can be included as easily as internal people. This is important because online is poised to be the future of customer relationships. Gartner predicts that a whopping 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels by 2025. Salesforce found that customers anticipate engaging online with companies post-COVID as they did in 2020. 

Here is how the Documill solution works: one participant can upload an initial contract draft to Salesforce. Then he or she can create a no-code workflow using our visual workflow designer tool (or choose a ready-made one) that will bring in all participants needed in the project.  

From then on, the contract draft will pass automatically from one contributor to another in a set order. Each participant is automatically reminded of a task when it needs to be done via a channel like Slack or email. One collaborator can add the pricing information, another adjust the delivery conditions, yet another can look at the additional services that need to be included. 

Flowchart showing the typical process for negotiable contract collaboration

The typical process for negotiable contract collaboration

When one step is clicked as complete, the contract moves on to the next contributor. The workflow can then forward the contract on to negotiations with the customers and finally, it can fetch the required approvals and e-signatures from the directors.  

Automation helps here in many ways, especially as office work is moving increasingly online:  

  • brings the participants together to collaborate easily   
  • keeps all collaborators up to speed with automated task alerts 
  • gives both managers and workers a better idea of what is really happening when they are working together, through project dashboards and logs
  • helps optimize processes as problems can be spotted and corrected more easily.

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