How to clear the office application chaos

Much of the pain remote workers experience comes down to the tools they use. How to help it?

In a recent study by Gensler Research Institute, 55% of the respondents said collaborating with others is harder at home. A Lucidspark report echoed this, saying that 75% of remote employees said team collaboration suffered the most of all aspects of their work. 

We have found that much of the pain remote workers experience comes down to the tools they use. They are many (like a word processor, email, Slack, spreadsheets, CRM, synchronous or asynchronous video conferencing application). Everybody has their favorite brand. They do not integrate and work well with each other. 

Our solution brings collaboration right within Salesforce. All contributors are provided with the same set of functionalities, embedded right in the Salesforce user interface. They can work on a document simultaneously or sequentially, whichever way they prefer. 

The functionality provided is rich. Tracking and reviewing changes are enabled. Comments can be added right in the content. They can be set to be selectively shown to just certain participants – a great aid when negotiating contracts with customers, for example. Notifications via Slack, MS Teams and/or email keep the collaborators up to date on the tasks they are expected to work on. As a result, the work experience is so much smoother: 

  • no jumping between applications 
  • unified, smaller set of applications for all collaborators 
  • functionality tailored to each task at hand 
  • work wherever you like, whenever you like 
  • improved overall collaboration between workers, thanks to in-app notifications 
  • better control over fewer, safer applications and less strain on IT support.

Would you like to get more tips on empowering collaboration on business documents? Read our white paper.

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