Automate Quotation Creation in Salesforce in less than 20 minutes with Documill Dynamo

Manual creation of customer documents takes a lot of sales reps’ time. Documill Dynamo helps you automate the creation of quotations in up to 20 minutes.

Routine work like manually creating customer documents can be quite a drain to sales reps’ productivity and enthusiasm. Often a copy-and-paste activity, it also includes the risk of human mistakes, which can come quite costly.

In this article, we show how Documill Dynamo will enable you to help you automate the creation of quotations and help your sales team reduce manual routine work radically in Salesforce. It will take you only up to 20 minutes to do the work.

1. Install Documill Dynamo

To get started, just go and download Documill Dynamo app for Salesforce from Salesforce AppExchange. You can install it easily by clicking on the Get It Now button.

When you are asked for whom Documill Dynamo will be installed, select All Users and Admins.

2. Open Documill Dynamo tab in Salesforce

To open Documill Dynamo in Salesforce:

  • in Classic UI, click the “+” button in the top menu and select Documill Dynamo
  • in Lightning UI, open the App Launcher, select Documill Dynamo and click the Documill Dynamo tab in the top menu.

Automate Quotation Creation in Salesforce less than 20 minutes with Documill Dynamo

3. Create a quotation template quickly

Create now your quotation template, which will be automatically available in your Salesforce Opportunities.

Step 1: add Dynamo Templates button to your Opportunity object

Documill Dynamo includes a ready-made button for one-click document generation in the Opportunity object. Add it now to your Opportunity’s page layout.

Documill Dynamo installs like any Salesforce app, so if you have some experience with Salesforce, you know your way around here. But if you would like guidance, just see our step-by-step instructions.

Step 2: create template

  1. Click the Template Builder button in step 2 on the screen and log in using your Salesforce credentials
  2. Select the ready-made Simple quotation template, then click Next and Create. Save your template right away – click on the arrow beside the Save button and choose Save As
  3. Test automation in action
    The template is almost ready as such. Before you start personalizing it, you can see how it looks with your real Salesforce data. Click Test button, then select an opportunity record you want to use for testing.
  4. Fill in missing data
    Any fields with missing data on the template? Just fill it in the Salesforce record (or try with another Opportunity). Here you can see, where each field on the template is mapped to. Or if you have customized fields in Salesforce, replace the existing ones on the template with them by simply dragging and dropping. Follow the instructions here.
  5. Edit the Header content
    Click on Header in the top menu and, in the template’s header, add your company’s official/headquarter details in the field on the right. Then add your logo on the left; follow these snappy instructions.
  6. Test the change
    Click “Test” button any time you want to see how your change looks.

Note: If the test window does not open automatically, ensure you have allowed popup windows in your browser.

Step 3: test in Salesforce and make it ready for other users

Open any Opportunity record in your Salesforce account, click the Dynamo Templates button and select the template you just created.

Now you can see, how the automated quotation you created looks to your sales team. So why not give them rights to use it right now? Just follow this simple procedure.

…And grab a cup of coffee

Normally, it will take a salesperson at least half an hour, often much more to create a quotation manually. With Documill Dynamo, you need less than 20 minutes to automate the creation process for your whole team.

On the next quotation, feel free to use 30 minutes just for a nice, cozy coffee break – you deserve it.

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