4 Reasons why HR companies love their Salesforce ATS

Learn how recruitment firms can get a 360-degree view of their clients & candidates all in one platform with Salesforce.

A common issue faced by almost all companies in the world is finding the right employees that will help the whole team catapult their business to success.

When businesses are growing and scaling up, the competition for attracting the right talent often intensifies and this leads to many human resource managers seeking the help of recruitment firms for better staffing solutions.

The modern market space gets competitive with each passing day, and therefore recruitment companies act as effective partners that pair companies that are looking to hire with the right talented professionals. With the help of recruitment companies, businesses can not only eliminate costs and efforts associated with hiring quality talent but also ensure a better sense of assurance and security of their workforce.

As recruitment companies deal with talent acquisition for their clients, having the right technology in place is crucial to help their own employees keep track of the metrics that help them achieve their goals and results. Whether a recruitment firm focuses on new employees onboarding or providing resources and benefits to the existing team member, business activities in such firms are very much driven by significant volumes of documents.

With the onset of digitalization, many staffing companies have recently deployed dedicated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Such company-wide tools are essential to have access to transparent data analytics and to integrate multiple business functions from accounting, sales, inventory and order management, project management, human resources and compliance.

Having a ‘single source of truth’, where all the data is in a single place, enables businesses to automate and streamline a wide variety of functions. This in turn ensures that they can better analyze trends to plan their strategy accordingly.

One such all-inclusive productive tool that offers more than enough solutions for every aspect of hiring, is the Salesforce cloud-based ecosystem. Recruitment companies can easily take advantage of all the best-in-class cloud-based tools in the ecosystem of Salesforce. Here are a few reasons why Salesforce is the best choice for the recruitment and staffing industry:

1.  An ideal tool to make talent acquisition more strategic

The recruitment funnel is actually quite similar to the acquisition of a customer. Just like how businesses first need to promote and increase awareness about their products, get leads, filter the most appropriate ones and convert those into customers, staffing firms need to generate awareness about jobs, find suitable candidates and convert them into valuable employees.

The Salesforce ecosystem provides recruitment teams with countless applicant tracking systems (ATSes) available on the Salesforce AppExchange. These applications integrate very well with the Salesforce ecosystem altogether and make it easier for the recruiters to manage, sort and keep track of each application they receive for every new role. This streamlines the hiring process and helps businesses quickly find the right candidate.

With fully integrated software like Salesforce, staffing companies get more control over every stage of the recruitment funnel. From inputting vacancy details and placing advertisements to matching candidates and arranging interviews, Salesforce allows recruiters classify and divide prospects into various levels and let the most suitable ones rise to the top.

Thus, both recruiters and the company get a systematic view starting with those to be taken on board to those to be kept in the queue. This ultimately ensures that a smooth conversion from prospect to employee happens quickly enough to keep the candidates enthusiastic. In addition, Salesforce makes the coordination between the recruitment and human resource departments impeccably smooth.

2.  Clients & candidates, all in one single view

When client, vacancy, candidate and placement data is spread across multiple systems, recruitment firms suffer by losing their valuable time piecing everything together from different data silos. One of the best things about using the Salesforce cloud-based ecosystem is its flexibility and its data models.

Salesforce can be configured and modified to work as a candidate data system too. Recruitment firms can get a 360-degree view of their clients as well as candidates all in one platform. It also enables different teams across an organization to collaborate better and be on the same page.

The recruitment industry is diverse but highly competitive at the same time. With the power of harnessing both internal and external data, staffing companies can get unique opportunity insights, which can help them get ahead of the competition. Salesforce allows recruiters to log every contact with potential candidates and clients to provide a comprehensive history and improve customer experience. In this way, recruiters can utilize more time developing client relationships and filling vacancies.

3.  Zero data loss through a transition and quick candidate reports

Candidate data is key for every recruitment firm. Since Salesforce is a fully integrated system, it helps the recruitment team by providing a smooth platform where they don’t need to worry about double-checking if the API functions properly or data is lost when transported. Thus, all the sensitive data is secure and more accessible inside Salesforce.

Recruiters regularly operate out of the office meeting the clients. Thus they need to have access to all the candidate information and other data while they are on the move. The Salesforce ecosystem and all the integrated tools that come with it are easily available for smartphones, too. This helps save a lot of both recruiters’ & candidates’ time, while also making remote onboarding possible.

On top of that, the automating capabilities of Salesforce makes it a perfect automation software for HR as it allows businesses also save valuable time and focus on what matters, thus driving up their productivity. Salesforce enables recruiters to process the candidate data and generate quick and customized reports, CVs, offer documents, agreements, etc. with the help of document automation solutions like Documill.

4.  Documill for Salesforce-based recruitment businesses

When companies use Salesforce tools to stream all business functions into a single source of truth, they can also take advantage of different solution providers that use Salesforce as a foundation for their commercial offerings. These solutions expand Salesforce so it can support additional functions and help users do more without leaving the familiar Salesforce user interface.

For example, Documill offers flexible solutions for recruitment firms’ document generation, collaboration, negotiation and automation needs to complement their Salesforce.

Customer Satisfaction

As discussed earlier, due to the highly competitive nature of the recruitment industry, staffing businesses need to retain and grow their competitive edge, which is only possible if they can offer full customer satisfaction. Thus, it is a must to have a quick and effortless filling process for open positions, to improve the productivity and brand image of the recruiters.

The Documill solution also offers recruiters the possibility to generate candidate CVs straight out of Salesforce, where all the relevant candidate information and interview notes are stored. With a few clicks, a candidate profile gets ready with all relevant data populated dynamically in the local language.

Eliminating time-consuming manual work

As recruiters deal with a lot of documents, creating every single one manually using an offline document editor takes a lot of time. On top of that, even more time is spent on transferring the data back and forth between the documents and the CRM platform. This leaves room for a lot of errors and administrative overheads.

Documill ensures that all user actions can take place inside Salesforce, purely online, with no switching between applications. As the document generation process is aligned with Documill’s customized workflows, recruiters can save time on administrative tasks and focus on their actual responsibilities instead.

CV compliance and data fidelity

A typical recruitment firm handles a vast amount of data that needs to be processed reliably and presented in a clean and comparable manner to their clients. When candidates participate in training, acquire new skills, and get more experienced, their information in the recruitment firm’s database is subject to constant change.

Documill Dynamo’s highly versatile, customizable input screens and dialogs not only make life easier for recruiters but also create a fair playground for all aspiring candidates as they get the flexibility of managing the information presented to employers. This means that the candidates have the freedom to choose if they do not want to display their profile image or leave out skills irrelevant to a position they are applying for so employers get a CV document that allows them to make their judgment with just skills and experience that matter and avoid bias.

Documill Dynamo ensures compliance with regulations and company brand guidelines by allowing to define, which functions and fields users can edit in a document. While Documill Dynamo seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, it also meets the requirement to access other third-party systems for fetching existing documents. In a matter of seconds, the existing PDF documents are merged with data from the candidate profiles in Salesforce, whether automatically or based on users’ selections. In addition, the input for each editable field and function can be controlled by setting proper restrictions and rules. Sent emails and documents are archived in Salesforce automatically, ensuring a single source of truth.

Operating global but acting local

For recruitment companies that operate on a global scale and are in continuous collaboration with a vast number of HR departments of client companies all over the world, it is often a challenge to streamline their document-centric business processes.

Documill Dynamo’s centralized template builder and management system can be of huge help in such cases. It enables streamlining of operations between different countries with easy creation of branded templates and centralized storage. Moreover, the recruiters can configure the date format and language for example based on the location of their clients.

When an employer is, say, from Germany and the recruitment team is based in the USA, the documents can be configured with all the text translated into German complete with any region-specific elements.

Creating other HR documents like job offers, agreements, and termination letters all in Salesforce

Besides CVs, there are various other personnel-related documents that are needed in the recruitment industry like job offers, NDAs, agreements, and even termination letters! Any recruitment company that uses Salesforce as their master data storage platform, can use Documill Dynamo to make even better use of the data they collect, automate recurring doc-gen processes and ensure uniformity of onboarding documents as well as ease of use for their employees.

Read how professional services companies like LINKIT, vind!, Calco, and Pitt IT professionals have benefited from using the Documill Dynamo solution and created a smoother journey for their customers and candidates.

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