LINKIT complemented a candidate and customer 360° with Documill

“A 360° view of all relevant data is just one click away. Everyone has instant access to every piece of information they need.”

“A 360° view of all relevant data is just one click away. Everyone has instant access to every piece of information they need. This makes collaboration between colleagues and different departments very efficient.” – Cornelis Lemstra), COO, LINKIT

“We aim to work smarter, be more efficient and more productive every day”, say Cornelis Lemstra (left), COO and Dennis Kauwenbergh (right), Technical IT consultant at LINKIT.

The company is a full-service partner. Its business stands on three main pillars: solutions, sourcing and education of high-level flexible and permanent IT professionals, targeted at companies in need of help in data engineering, software development, and cloud migration.

“Being a knowledge-driven company, we constantly ask ourselves how we can advance. How will we best serve our customers and improve our value as an employer?

A full-cloud platform

When we started our own digital transformation program, a full cloud platform was an obvious choice for us. One target was to create an end-to-end environment in which we had full control of future developments. Another was to avoid a mishmash in applications and bring an environment with modern high-end technology and smooth integrations. Salesforce brings all that.

Cornelis Lemstra (left), COO and Dennis Kauwenbergh (right), Technical IT-consultant at LINKIT.

Expanded Salesforce environment

We started by integrating our Salesforce-based applicant tracking system (ATS) with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud CRM, Pardot Marketing Automation and a new website we had created. This got marketing, sales and recruitment fully aligned. We could start offering powerful and congruent customer and candidate journeys.

Byner: the missing link on Salesforce

However, something was still missing. After a contract was signed in our new system, things still were a bit ambiguous in our workflows. We needed tools that could manage the process from contract to invoice. And that’s when we bumped into Byner.

Byner is an app on the Salesforce Platform which streamlines the management of the sourcing of professionals with automated processes: contract management, assignments, resource planning & scheduling, time & expenses and onboarding & compliance.

“We now have one central cockpit related to customers, suppliers/partners, professionals and contractors… Our entire core process… is designed and developed to enforce a desired digital way of working.” – Dennis Kauwenbergh), Technical IT consultant, LINKIT

It all comes together in Byner

With the workflows automated from a lead to the invoicing, handovers between finance and the back office are smooth. Everyone has instant access to every piece of information they need, which makes team and cross-department collaboration very efficient.

On the customer acquisition side, marketing activities like campaigns and events generate leads of customers and candidates, which sales and recruitment can seamlessly take over. Once contracts are signed, Byner takes over with powerful automated processes. When you just click on the customer file, you will see all related opportunities, assignments and invoices at a glance.

A 360° view and Documill put the customer in the center

To make work even easier, the app has smart features – sometimes enabled by other, seamlessly integrated apps – like Documill for document generation, SignRequest for e-signing and billing preparation enabling compliant and first-time-right results.

For LINKIT this means a huge gain in terms of productivity and efficiency. The customer is now central in all our processes.

Read the complete case study by byner.

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