Statement of work

A statement of work, often abbreviated as SOW, is an exceptionally detailed work contract that delineates all aspects of a specific project between two contractual parties – a buyer and a seller. It covers everything from the scope of work and procedures to be completed within the project timeline to the location and milestones that need to be met. A well-defined statement of work serves as a safeguard against disputes or miscommunication as the project unfolds.

Traditionally associated with project management to ensure clarity and alignment between clients and service providers, the SOW is gaining recognition for its valuable contributions to the realm of sales, commonly used among a request for proposal (RFP).

Strengthen client-vendor collaboration for a successful project outcome

Following the negotiation of key terms between the buyer and seller, the development of a comprehensive statement of work is initiated. The intricacies of crafting such a document involve multiple rounds of discussions and approval cycles, which can jeopardize clarity and coherence.

Similar to other contractual instruments, interdepartmental communication and collaboration play an important role in the creation of SOWs. From sales and product to field services and project management, these departments may encounter challenges in coordinating efforts and maintaining clear communication. As a result, misalignments can occur in understanding project requirements, delays in approvals, and information silos can all contribute to inefficiencies and missed deadlines down the line.

Fortunately, a more efficient approach to create SOWs is easily attainable through the implementation of contract automation and collaboration software.

With Documill, companies can confidently craft and collaborate on business documents with multiple parties, be they internal or external. By digitizing, formalizing, and using automation, Documill helps organize and speed up the creation and sign off on valuable documents such as SOWs.

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