Formal proposal

A formal proposal, commonly referred to as a business proposal, is a written document that is typically used for larger deals and differentiates itself from other types of proposals by being more comprehensive and informative.

This persuasive tool is especially used in B2B scenarios, for example, when you’re seeking investors, applying for grants, or responding to requests for proposals (RFPs). Well-crafted formal proposals aim to win the trust of decision-makers, convincing them that your company and solutions are the best to go with instead of choosing one of your competitors.

The formal proposal should be well-structured and client-centered, clearly demonstrating how you possess the necessary resources and expertise to fulfill specific needs effectively and professionally. Additionally, formal proposals explain how the transaction will work and should be fully transparent with the expected costs so that there will not be any unexpected expenses along the way.

Craft digital proposals that resonate at every stage

A more comprehensive proposal requires an increased collaborative effort and engagement from all relevant departments and stakeholders. Sales are at the forefront, explaining to the rest of the teams the client’s needs and specific requirements, as well as managing the creation of the proposal.

Product experts advise on both the solutions and implementation, while Customer Success can shed light on support options and Legal professionals ensure the proposal is compliant and risks are properly mitigated.

With more moving parts, often requiring numerous rounds of discussions and subsequent refinements, the likelihood of miscommunications and costly delays inevitably increases, potentially leading to lost business opportunities.

Crafting a formal proposal is not just about effective collaboration; it’s also about making the proposal visually appealing. The design influences how your proposal is perceived, the level of trust it instills and its effectiveness in persuading the recipient.

Documill is built to swiftly equip sales representatives with visually appealing, branded and expertly crafted winning proposals that resonate with the recipient. By digitalizing the entire proposal workflow, from document creation all the way through editing cycles, approval chains, and e-signatures, companies can ensure that all parties involved are on the same page – and working on the same document.

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