Seller proposal 

A seller proposal is a detailed offer from the seller in response to the buyer’s request for proposal (RFP) or buyer’s request for quotation (RFQ). The seller proposal will include various sections that demonstrate an understanding of the buyer’s needs, proposed technical solutions, proposed implementation plan, pricing, warranty etc.

By effectively communicating the benefits and advantages of both what you have to offer – both product-wise and as a company – the seller proposal plays a major role in persuading customers to choose your company’s proposal over your competitors’.

Use intra-departmental teamwork to build better proposals

To create a successful proposal, it is vital that experts from all the relevant departments come together to share (and document) their knowledge. This becomes more apparent the more technical and custom a proposed solution becomes.

You may need Sales to explain the case and manage the creation of the proposal, Product experts to advise on both the solutions and implementation, Customer Success to shed light on support options, Legal to ensure that the proposal is compliant and risks properly mitigated, and perhaps even 3rd parties should there be a need for subcontracting.

And with more moving parts, the need for oversight increases. Which means that your sales rep will spend significant time on ensuring the document gets done on time, or potentially you may need a dedicated project manager. What you will definitely need is internal sign offs from key stakeholders.

Using online solution to orchestrate the process and teamwork necessary to get a document from template to final version is an efficient way of working that greatly increases the odds of winning the bid.

Documill can formalize, standardize, and digitize the way you create seller proposals to ensure that your company’s internal protocol and processes are followed each and every time – resulting in quality proposals every single time.

  • Use Documill Leap to orchestrate complex document workflows.
  • Collaborate on and edit documents with as many internal and external teams as needed.
  • Automatically invite and notify collaborators, share and send documents, distribute roles and access rights to make managing the document creation process a breeze.

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