Recruitment process documents

The recruitment process involves a set of activities, for example, interviewing, meeting, selection and onboarding. Documenting them all is vital to ensure all members of the hiring process coordinate together, accelerating the recruitment process and significantly increasing the odds of a successful onboarding process.  

By moving these document-centric processes online, companies can offer better information security, limit access to these documents to only those people who need them – and best of all, track, log and offer audit trail of who did what and when.   

Streamline your recruitment process documents with Documill 

Document automation combined with online editing and approvals can be a game changer for HR, helping any company to have better communication with candidates, managing all documents involved in the candidate’s process and, ultimately, accelerating the recruitment process.  

Typically, HR manually creates and manages the documents involved in the recruitment process, taking away valuable time that could be spent on critical recruitment stages. On top of that, collaboration among HR professionals, hiring managers and other departments can be challenging, time-consuming and opens the doors to delays and mistakes throughout the recruitment process. 

With Documill these bottlenecks get eliminated. By defining standard document templates, workflows and user roles, HR departments can make a leap towards a more secure, faster and efficient way of operation.   

By collaboratively and iteratively creating and editing recruitment documents online with Documill, potential pitfalls get eliminated.  

  • Use Documill Leap to run the recruitment document creation process, digitizing the editing, reviewing, approval and signing phases. Increasing accountability and turnaround time while eliminating the risk of errors. 
  • Use Documill Dynamo to automate document creation based on Salesforce data, with a single click. Also, automatically send documents to their intended recipients to request and receive the required signatures.   
  • Combine Documill Dynamo and Documill Leap for a complete document creation solution for HR departments – from generation to editing and approvals. 

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