Performance appraisal documents 

Performance appraisal documents, also known as employee performance reviews or evaluations, are tools used by HR professionals and managers to assess the performance of employees and to make decisions related to training opportunities, salary raises and promotions. Performance appraisals also help employees understand the company’s expectations and whether their performance matches these expectations or not. Questionnaires, forms and meeting notes are often signed off on and stored as benchmarks for future evaluations. 

By moving the document-centric part of the process online, companies can offer better information security, limit access to these documents to only those people who need them – and best of all, track, log and offer audit trails. 

Create and manage all your performance appraisal documents with Documill 

Documill ensures that the creation, management and storage of performance appraisals documents are no longer a daunting task because of how time-consuming and repetitive the process can be.   

Performance appraisals can easily become overwhelming to do on your own and keep track of.  From manually creating and managing them to ensuring they are completely secured, all these factors slow down the whole company’s productivity and lsleave the door open for human mistakes. 

With Documill, HR teams and managers can speed up the creation of different performance documents and save time to focus on other critical tasks. In addition, you can easily establish a seamless secure collaboration process that works both internally and with third parties. As a result, it simplifies the review, approval and revision process, enhancing efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks. 

  • Use Documill Leap to streamline and standardize your performance appraisals documents, formalizing the reviewing and approval phases. Increasing accountability and turnaround time while eliminating the risk of errors. 
  • Use Documill Dynamo to automate document creation based on Salesforce data, with a single click. Use the template library or create your own templates with the drag-and-drop interface. Also, automatically send documents to their intended recipients to request and receive the required signatures.   
  •  Combine Documill Dynamo and Documill Leap for a complete document creation solution for the HR department – from generation to editing and approvals. 

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