Onboarding procedure documents 

Effective employee documentation management, which ensures that workers’ information is properly organized and accessible, plays a crucial role in supporting a smooth onboarding process as possible. It allows employees to easily understand the company’s standards and direction, and employers to make informed decisions. 

Onboarding documents represent the set of documents that you need to provide to new hires upon joining the company, ensuring their comprehension of the terms and responsibilities of their role. Typically, it includes paperwork to be filled, company tools, processes, policies and training materials. By implementing a dedicated and effective document process, you can enhance employee retention by 82% and enable new hires to get up to speed and productive as quickly as possible.   

As the accumulation of such documentation can be significant, adopting a digital, paperless format greatly benefits both new employees and HR professionals. All the documentation needs to be regularly reviewed, promptly signed and timely returned to the HR department to prevent any potential issues. 

Driving growth from day one with Documill 

With Documill, HR departments can create, approve, e-sign and deliver documents in a fast, secure and structured way. This enhances overall productivity and strengthens the bonds between different departments and teams.   

Typically, HR professionals can easily get overwhelmed by the large number of documents required during onboarding. Traditionally, in an environment where the HR person in charge is required to act like a project manager for document creation projects, coordinating document creation, reviewing, approval collection, and updating of details can lead to communication gaps and delays in sharing information. Consequently, overall efficiency and motivation are affected and leave the door open for human mistakes that can lead to legal risks.   

With Documill, you can move document-centric processes online and eliminate all these bottlenecks. By defining standard document templates, workflows and user roles, HR departments can reach their goals faster and build strong relationships.  In addition, avoid unnecessary delays and potential errors that might take place. 

  • Use Documill Leap to collaborate internally on creating and updating employee onboarding documents. You can easily enable online reviewing of documents and collect approvals from all relevant departments and people promptly. 

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