Job descriptions

A job description document gives both the business and the recruitment candidate a clear idea of the needs of a specific job. The job description document defines the obligations and duties that are related to a specific job role. Likewise, it lists abilities that are required to efficiently carry out that specific work.  

While the level of details included in job description documents vary, at minimum it defines what types of tasks are being offered. For example, it may just define “online marketing activities”, or go into details and try to list all the significant role specific information like organizational role, job title, job related responsibilities, summary of the tasks and obligations and so on. 

Create better job descriptions faster with Documill 

Documill enables people work for human resources (HR) to write job description documents fast and hassle-free by streamlining and standardizing the document creation process. 

Typically, HR requires input from the hiring department to get all the details right in a job description. On top of that, there can be multiple approvals required from different departments before a job description document is taken into use. Both phases require collaboration which can be time-consuming and leaves the door open for delays and mistakes. 

By collaboratively and iteratively creating and editing job descriptions online with Documill, these potential pitfalls get eliminated. And if you want to do so, you can start the creation work by using your company’s existing standard job description template document. 

  • Use Documill Leap to run the internal document creation project, formalizing the editing, reviewing and approval phases. Improving accountability and turnaround time while eliminating the risk of errors. 
  • Use Documill Dynamo to automate document creation based on Salesforce data. You can easily include open position related details such as job id, open/close dates, salary range information as well as job location and position-related contact information for requesting for more information. 
  •  Combine Documill Dynamo and Documill Leap for a complete document creation solution for the HR department – from generation to editing and approvals. 

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