Employment contracts 

An employment contract is written proof that protects and establishes an employee-employer relationship. Both parties must agree to and sign the employment contract before the new hire starts working. The document clearly sets out the employee’s employment conditions, responsibilities, duties, compensation and rights, leaving no room for miscommunication.  

By moving document-centric processes online, companies can offer better information security, limit access to these documents to only those people who need them – and best of all, track, log and offer audit trail of who did what and when.  

Effortless employment contracts creation with Documill 

Documill empowers HR professionals in creating, managing and streamlining the employment contract creation process.  With the right technology, HR departments can boost their productivity and efficiency, ultimately benefiting the organization as a whole.  

Drafting employment contracts manually can be time-consuming. It’s also prone to errors, such as typos and miscalculations. On top of that, HR often collaborates with hiring managers, legal teams and other departments, to ensure clarity and compliance. Given this, all these factors can slow down the talent acquisition and leaves the door open for human mistakes that can lead to legal risks.  

With Documill these bottlenecks get eliminated. By defining standard document templates, workflows and approval processes, HR departments can make a leap towards a more secure, faster and efficient way of operating.  

  • Use Documill Leap to collaborate internally on employment contracts, collect approvals, and get each contract signed digitally. Providing better collaboration and turnaround times while eliminating the risk of errors. 
  • Use Documill Dynamo to automate document creation based on Salesforce data, with a single click. Then, automatically send documents to their intended recipients to request and receive the required signatures.   
  •  Combine Documill Dynamo and Documill Leap for a complete document creation solution for the HR department: from document generation to editing, approvals and e-signatures. 

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