Employee management & recordkeeping  

Employee management is essential for a well-functioning HR department and overall organization. In short, it is the process of storing, filling and organizing employee data collected during the employee lifecycle: from hiring to retirement. Access to all these strategic data points can help companies not only track employee’s performance and productivity levels, but also develop more effective HR policies and strategies.  

While the amount of information collected, processed and stored by HR departments is constantly growing, companies, more than ever, should adopt onlinel solutions to manage all the documents and become more efficient and accurate. In the end of the day, we live in the age of technology.  

Boost employee engagement and retention with Documill 

Documill enables document-centric collaboration within organizations and with the outside. With it, you can effortlessly create, manage, formally approve and sign all your documents. The HR team can reduce hours spent organizing employee files and free up time for more strategic projects. 

Approximately 60% of the typical workday of an HR person is dedicated to manually generating records and documents. Managing all these information effectively can impact massively the success of an organization, and ensuring it is delivered on time to the right person for commenting and approval can become overwhelming and stressful. 

Overcoming the challenges of efficiently managing employee data is a constant struggle for HR professionals. The delicate task of balancing business requirements with regulatory compliance poses a significant hurdle. However, with Documill, you can revolutionize your HR department into a paperless one, leaving behind the obstacles of the past. Experience seamless cross-organizational communication with clear and secure document sharing, eliminating version confusion through online storage and controlled change approvals. Embrace also the power of advanced eSignatures which are tamper-proof, legally binding and eIDAS compliant. 

HR documents hold a vital role in the documentation process of any organization, serving as crucial evidence of various business activities. By meticulously documenting events, companies establish a comprehensive repository of information that can be accessed when needed. Typically, these can include employment contracts, onboarding and performance appraisal documents to employee exit procedure documents. 

  • Use Documill Leap to run the internal document creation project, formalizing the editing, reviewing and approval phases. Improving accountability and turnaround time while eliminating the risk of errors. Leap to richer document collaboration with your customers – directly on Salesforce.  

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