Employee handbook

An employee handbook outlines a company’s mission, vision, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format. This document helps companies to ensure a positive, inclusive and loyal corporate culture is continuously built and maintained. All new hires should receive an employee handbook on their first day of work.  Existing employees should also receive a copy whenever the document is updated. Legally, companies are not obliged to have an employee handbook, yet it outlines important company policies and protects the roles and responsibilities of the employer and employee.  

While some companies opt to use online services like the company intranet to store and deliver this information, the traditional document-formatted employee handbook still has its role as a concise source of information all employees can rely on. 

Effortlessly craft employee handbooks with Documill  

Collaborative online editing combined with review and approval collection capabilities is a game-changer for all HR departments, boosting their productivity and efficiency and ultimately benefiting the organization as a whole.  

With Documill, HR professionals, or even the whole company, can finally take a break free from the unclarity of document versions, ever-lasting review cycles and document versions getting e-mailed around –  and instead embrace an online approach to focus on what truly matters – nurturing employee career growth and supporting mental health and wellness.  By partnering with Documill, you know that document creation is compliant with data privacy laws 

HR aims to create an uncomplicated, captivating and easy-to-understand employee handbook, but it might not be as simple as it seems. Manually creating and maintaining these handbooks can easily become overwhelming and daunting to do on your own. In addition, there can be multiple revisions and approvals from different departments before an employee handbook is taken into use.  As a result, the overall productivity is affected and this leaves the door open to human errors. 

With Documill, you can bring document-centric processes online and eliminate these bottlenecks. Through collaborative and iterative efforts, HR can implement a safer, faster and more efficient operational approach by crafting and approving crucial documents. HR professionals can reach their goals faster and build strong relationships. 

  • Use Documill Leap to run the internal document creation project, digitalizing the editing, reviewing and approval phases. Enhance collaboration and turnaround time while eliminating the risk of errors. 

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