Employee exit procedure documents 

In every organization, there comes a time when every employer has to take care of offboarding of a certain employee. An employee may exit a company for various reasons, ranging from not fitting into the work culture to getting a better opportunity elsewhere. In either case, HR professionals are often tasked with a sendoff that allows employees to leave with dignity and protect the company’s interests.  

The specific documents of an exit procedure may vary depending on the company, but typically it includes a leaving formalities document, relieving letter, exit interview notes, clearance form, full & final settlement document.   

A recent study by Aberdeen found that following a well-structured exit process was linked to significant improvements in growth, performance, retention and employee engagement. And, only 29% of organizations have a formal exit process. 

Supporting transitions: How Documill facilitates offboarding  

Documill revolutionizes the way employee exit documents are collaboratively created by  leveraging the power of template-driven document automation, automated approval collection and e-signing.  

Managing these exit documents manually can quickly become a complex and time-consuming task for HR departments. Traditionally, HR professionals have had to navigate through stacks of paperwork, manual data entry, and potential errors when preparing employee exit documents. This process is not only tedious but can also lead to delays, inconsistencies, and compliance issues. 

Effortlessly collaborate with stakeholders in your company using Documill’s collaborative online document editing, reviewing and approval collection. By keeping the whole process online, you can effortlessly collaborate while ensuring every change is approved, eliminating any doubts or inconsistencies. Besides the actual content creation, you can safeguard sensitive in-context discussions within your team, maintaining confidentiality and control. Experience the clarity and security of cross-organizational communication, where teams can exchange ideas, insights, and feedback, all while preserving the privacy and control visibility of comments between parties. 

  • Use Documill Leap to run the internal document creation project, digitalizing the editing, reviewing and approval phases. You can generate advanced  electronic signatures which are tamper-proof, legally binding and eIDAS complaint. Don’t wait and embrace a new streamlined way of creating documents online with Documill. 

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