Document and email versioning 

Easy-to-use version control for Salesforce generated documents and emails 

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Easy-to-use version control for Salesforce
Track changes in Documill Dynamo

Effortless tracking of all changes 

Dynamo’s document versioning feature provides users with complete control over the lifecycle of their generated documents. Each version is tracked and easily accessible, ensuring that every edit, update, or modification is recorded and retrievable, right inside Salesforce. 

Real-time data synchronization 

Dynamo ensures that each document version is consistently synchronized with the latest Salesforce data. This real-time update capability means that every version of your document reflects the most current CRM data, guaranteeing accuracy and data validity. 

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Lock in content and edit with Documill Dynamo

Lock-In, edit, and collaborate 

Dynamo’s check-out capability locks documents during editing, preventing overlapping changes and data conflicts. This feature is particularly beneficial for teams where multiple users need to work on the same documents. It ensures consistency and integrity, allowing for a smooth, turn-based editing process. 

Other version control highlights 

  • Standardized naming convention: Template designers can set a pre-defined naming convention, integrating Salesforce data and automatic version numbering. 
  • Full revision history: A complete audit trail records on who made edits and when, ensuring traceability. 
  • Document and email approval processes: Incorporate comments and push them through pre-defined approval processes. 
  • Flexible storage options: Store and edit documents in both Salesforce and SharePoint, offering versatility and user convenience. 

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