Document template and workflow automation builder 

Design pixel-perfect templates, transform data and create flexible workflows 

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Build tempates in Documill Dynamo
Sales reps use Documill document generation solution and create branded proposals, quotes, and contracts faster within their Salesforce CRM.

Powerful logic and workflow automation 

Dynamo’s powerful and flexible logic flow allows the building of engaging digital experiences without delving into code. The declarative interface empowers admins to create interactive user input forms, powerful logic and calculations as well as handling complex data structures such as multi-level related lists. 

Intuitive template building experience 

Dynamo revolutionizes template creation by making it incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. With its drag-and-drop Salesforce data mapping and visual interface, anyone can start building a template in minutes. 

Dynamo offers an Intuitive template building experience
Customizable document-centric workflow solution for Salesforce

All templates, one interface 

Say goodbye to multiple tabs and applications. With all templates accessible through one unified interface, Salesforce admins can effortlessly manage, update, and organize templates with ease. Template access control is made easy with intuitive permission settings, ensuring that the right set of templates is available only to the relevant teams. 

Other Template Builder highlights 

  • Real-time preview and testing: Immediately see the impact of your design choices with your Salesforce data. 
  • Template versioning: Keep track of changes and revert to previous versions effortlessly. 
  • Comprehensive format support: Generate documents in various formats like email, HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. 
  • Mobile responsiveness: Design templates for responsive, interactive documents that work with any device 
  • Automated updates: Benefit from continuous improvements and new feature additions. 

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Mockups with Documill for Office add-in for Word document management. Generate, edit and save documents back to Salesforce.

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Use Documill for Office to instantly save and update your DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files directly from MS Office to Salesforce. 

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