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Documill Dynamo has localization and multilingual support
Documill Dynamo supports one template with many languages

Create once, communicate everywhere 

Forget the headache of creating and updating numerous language versions of the same document. With Dynamo, you only need to design one template. Our platform takes care of the rest, automatically displaying the content to suit your target audience’s language and regional preferences. Not just translating the text strings but also getting those tricky date formats, currencies, and numbering formats just right. 

Localized experience for every user 

Dynamo goes beyond documents – our application user interface speaks the language of your users too. The UI automatically adapts to preset conditions, such as user’s language settings in Salesforce, ensuring that the Dynamo experience feels like an integral, seamless extension to your localized Salesforce instance. 

Documill Dynamo effortlessly scales for global expansion

Effortless scalability for global expansion 

Dynamo’s scalability is a game-changer for businesses eyeing global horizons. Once you’re ready to expand into new countries, there’s no need to call in IT support. Business users can independently bring new regions onboard by simply adding translated content to the existing template. This self-service approach enables quick and efficient global scaling without the usual technical complexities. 

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Use Documill for Office to instantly save and update your DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files directly from MS Office to Salesforce. 

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