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Documill Dynamo interactive forms

Engage with external stakeholders 

Quickly build forms with questions to gather information from external stakeholders, like customers or partners, beyond your Salesforce organization. The data collected can be stored directly back to Salesforce or used as conditions to automatically initiate subsequent processes. 

Generate documents based on user input 

Interactive forms enable the merging of user selection and input into the document during the generation process. Whether there is a need to display a cover page image or product line items based on user selection, Dynamo offers unparallel customization capabilities. 

Guided Interactive forms, where you can choose if the agreement goes through internal approval or is sent to the client automatically.

Guide users to the right workflow 

Interactive forms offer template designers a powerful tool for creating guided digital experiences for end users. For instance, by selecting between different options from the form, end users can be guided to different workflows, each optimized as per unique business requirements. 

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