Reusable clause library for dynamic documents 

Increase your team’s productivity with pre-approved, re-usable content snippets 

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Documill Dynamo's reusable clause library
Customizable document-centric workflow solution for Salesforce

One template, multiple outputs 

Dynamo enables template designers to craft a single, standardized template where each content section automatically adapts to predefined conditions. This modularized approach is especially beneficial for global companies for streamlining the onboarding of new countries and entities into the same system. 

Faster and more accurate email communication 

Teams handling a substantial daily email workload can benefit greatly from Dynamo’s reusable content library. End users can craft emails right within Salesforce, accessing up-to-date, pre-approved content while having a 360-degree customer data view.  

Documill Dynamo clauses for email
Documill for Office: Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, enhancing document management for enterprises across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications.

Manage your clauses in Salesforce or Microsoft 365 

Dynamo functionality extends beyond Salesforce, as the clause library can be managed both in Salesforce and Microsoft 365. This simplifies clause management for your team, allowing them to create and update their clause libraries within their preferred platform. 

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