Welcome to Documill - Juuso Nurmela

Welcome to Documill - Juuso Nurmela

After a short career as a bookkeeper, our new account manager Juuso realized that he enjoyed making money more than counting it. Yes, he is really into numbers…

Documill has seen considerable growth during the past year and with new business come new faces. In this series, we will turn the spotlight on those who have chosen to join Documill to further their careers. 

Before I started my interview with Juuso to get the necessary background information for this article, I confided that I knew very little about him. “That’s because I’m Finnish, we don’t like to share much,” was his very Finnish answer. 

And with that, I’d like to introduce Juuso Nurmela, our latest addition to the Sales Team. Since all good things come in twos, he’s the other account manager to join us recently.  

It will come to no-one as a surprise that he’ll primarily work with Nordic customers who will appreciate his matter-of-factness while keeping chit-chat to a minimum. 

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to talk about. As Juuso is pretty set on what he has to say; “I want to make sure that my clients get the value out of our solutions and are aware of the possibilities. That’s the most important part – that they know what’s possible. There are a lot of customers who are surprised when they hear about all the capabilities that have silently been added.”

Take a walk on the winding cobblestone streets in Porvoo.

The medieval plan and church are some of the main attractions in Porvoo, along with the old wooden houses.


Juuso is from Porvoo, Finland. Or rather, he was born and raised in Porvoo. He grew up and has lived his whole life in Porvoo and now he’s started his own family there. It’s his Lintukoto and I won’t attempt to translate this.  

The town, or city as he claims, is picturesque with its old district and great restaurants. It’s family-friendly, beautiful, and less hectic than Finland’s capital. It’s no wonder that the place is so popular with tourists in summer and around Christmas. If you’re ever in Finland, please do stop by – just don’t speak to Juuso unless you mean business.  

Speaking of business, Juuso’s first job was selling magazines at 16 years old. After a short career as a bookkeeper – he’s really into numbers – he realized that he enjoyed making money more than counting it, and more than a decade later he’s finally found his way to Documill. 

Finding his way is probably the right way to put it as he commutes between Porvoo and Helsinki every day. He doesn’t mind, though. “The drive to and from work is the only peaceful moments I get to myself now that we have a toddler,” Juuso admits.

What a picturesque place Porvoo, Finland is.


Juuso’s choice for Documill was driven by his own sales experiences. In his previous job, he could’ve benefited a lot from document automation as he was spending too much time on tedious administrative tasks, which kept him away from the negotiation table. The fact that Documill solves these problems in the world-renowned Salesforce environment made joining the company a tempting and logical next step in his career. 

When I ask him how life at Documill has treated him so far, he responds that it’s “Enjoyable. I feel like the soul of sales is in listening to customers and solving their problems. So now I’m getting to know people and their industries. I’m learning about what they do and it’s all about finding the pain points in their business that we can automate, redefine or make better. Then I can help them and be useful and give them solutions. It feels good to help others out.” 

When he closes his first big deal at Documill, Juuso promises to buy a watch. Whether that’s the Kermit he’s been raving about or a Casio remains to be seen. 

Ribbit. Welcome to Documill, Juuso, we wish for a bright and green future.  

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