Welcome to Documill – Dan Tam Nguyen

Dan Tam

Dan Tam Nguyen joined Documill at the beginning of 2022 as a Dynamo Solution Support Trainee. Welcome!

Documill has seen considerable growth during the past year and with new business come new faces. In this series we will turn the spotlight on those who have chosen to join Documill to further their careers. 

Born in Vietnam, raised by the world. Or as Dan Tam puts it herself, “I’m a Vietnamese base with toppings from different countries.”  

Dan Tam Nguyen joined Documill at the beginning of 2022 as a Dynamo Solution Support Trainee. She originally came to Finland to study international business and logistics after completing her high school in Singapore. 

After her exchange – performed abroad, of course – and an internship in Analytics she decided that she wanted to find a job that mixes the application of business knowledge with technical implementations. Like a business consultant who translates business needs into technical solutions. 

Finding joy in variety 

In her search for a job that fitted her desire to be a generalist in a hybrid job, Dan Tam got referred to Documill by former Documiller (and current Fluido Senior Business Consultant) Michelle Lam. Something all parties involved are delighted with. 

“Working at Documill means that there’s a lot of self learning. I definitely don’t have a boring job because I can swap between so many different tasks. From presales to aftersales and implementations etcetera. That’s the advantage of working at a smaller company.” 

“I solve tickets and sometimes provide live support. I love speaking to people from difference organizations, it’s like a breath of fresh air to see how they use Salesforce. I learn from how they do things differently and that in turn helps me understand different use- cases.”  

After a moment of reflection, she adds that “That’s something I like about this job, that I can talk to people and I get to see different business cultures.” 

Switching more than tasks 

At Documill, we utilize a mix of remote and office work. New employees typically start out by working from the office to receive in-person training and guidance, after which they can switch to their preferred working arrangement.  And while the sales and marketing team spend most of their workdays at the office, other teams see a more hybrid approach. Something that Dan Tam in particular benefited from recently. 

“I recently worked from Vietnam, where things are happening all the time. It’s nice to get the opportunity but it was hard to focus. Finland is a place where I can rest and reflect – slow down and have time for herself. In Vietnam, there was family around constantly and it is very noisy outside” 

“The 4 hours’ time difference was also challenging. At the same time, I really liked the flexibility with relatively flexible times. And everything can be solved online.” 

Which is true now more than ever, where developers work from home, sales deals are closed via video (With the help of both Dynamo and Leap), and Salesforce support is done completely virtually for clients and partners across the globe.  

Learning alone, together 

One theme that has so far repeated itself throughout this welcome to Documill-series, is learning by doing. We encourage all our employees to put their knowledge and ideas into practice to learn even faster, even if that means mistakes are made along the way. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Documill employees have to figure everything out by themselves. Asking for support and helping others is in itself a way to gather, share, and apply knowledge, after all.  

“I’ve received especially great guidance from Pasi [Product owner], Giang and Hien who are my senior, and co-worker Flokart. They have been very good in guiding me through issues and giving me insight into Documill Dynamo.” 

You can read more about Flokart’s experiences in an earlier entry in this series. 

“The flat hierarchy is a big bonus in general. It’s very easy to give feedback and ask for support. Also, if I can add one more thing, I like the work/life balance we have here. There’s no hustling or unfair expectations.” 

And to that, I can only agree. Welcome aboard, Dan Tam.  

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