Seamless Salesforce workflow for recruiters: from profiling to emailing

See how recruiting agents can create high-quality candidate profiles with just one click.

Document generation is essential for recruiting agencies to enhance the talent-client matching process. With Documill, agents in the staffing industry can create high-quality candidate profiles with just one click. These profiles are easily set up to the client’s needs, thereby accelerating time to hire. 


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Generate candidate profiles in one single click 

As a recruiter, you deal with a substantial number of candidates. With Documill, you can generate high-quality, branded candidate profiles conveniently within Salesforce. 

In Salesforce, where all candidate and job application data are stored, it is easy to start creating standardized candidate profiles with just a button click. Once all the info is available, the recruiter is ready to generate a branded candidate profile. Thanks to Documill, and its highly customizable solutions, document creation entirely depends on the recruiters’ needs and established workflows.  

Upon initiating CV generation, agents can select available pre-designed templates to create profiles from. For instance, templates can be selected based on candidate’s seniority: entry-level, professional, or executive candidates. Additional attachments, such as terms and conditions, are automatically included in all candidate packages. 

The level of solution customization is tailored to the recruiters’ needs. From one-click creation of an anonymous profile to choosing which fields should not be visible, such as candidate location or work permit; Documill provides flexibility. 

Editing a generated candidate profile  

After the profile has been generated, all selected elements and candidate data are automatically populated. The generated profile can then be edited to make it more tailored to the job description or to update candidate data according to the screening interview results.  

Documill Candidate Profile Builder offers flexibility within standardization by enabling recruiters to edit certain pre-determined areas in the profile, while keeping standardized areas locked.  If any data needs to be modified or added during the interview or negotiations, all changes are automatically updated in Salesforce without the need for double entry. 

Recruiters can easily preview the draft candidate profile in PDF format and go back to live edit mode for any further changes. Once the final version is ready to be sent to the client, the generated PDF of the candidate profile will automatically be saved back to Salesforce under Files section of the relevant Salesforce record. 

Speed up profile creation with pre-approved text library 

Documill provides an option to input preapproved text into editable fields using its drag-and-drop clause library. Documill enables the recruitment team to create candidate profiles more quickly by simply selecting and dragging reusable text blocks into the editable areas of the document.  

By incorporating a pre-approved drag-and-drop text snippet library, agents can effortlessly include specific skills or certifications that are commonly sought after. For instance, for a tech recruiter, a snippet could be dedicated to a popular programming language like “Proficient in Java, with extensive experience in developing enterprise-level applications,” or a widely recognized certification such as “Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a proven track record in agile project management.”   

The library standardizes agents comments across multiple candidate profiles, saving time and allowing for the distribution of more profiles within a few hours. The snippets can also be translated in advance into different languages. This not only enhances cross-communication but also eliminates errors, shortening the approval cycle for the final send-over.  

For recruiters this means a significant reduction in the time and effort required to compose individualized yet standardized profiles. The less time the team spends on creating candidate profiles, the more time they have to focus on candidate searches. 



Send emails with candidate CVs after generation without leaving Salesforce  

After the high-quality profile is generated, the delivery is seamlessly handled within Salesforce with Documill. Recruiters do not need to leave the Salesforce environment. 

Utilizing a highly customizable and brandable email template, all needed data from Salesforce will automatically populate. Agents can then preview the email, make needed adjustments, and send it to the customer along with the generated candidate profiles. 

As a result, the recruitment team can quickly generate standardized candidate profiles and send them to customers while adhering to the company’s branding, showcasing the top skills of their primary candidates. A highly customizable solution helps agencies ensure that each candidate profile is relevant, branded, and professionally presented. All of this will save time and maximize efficiency. 


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