How to make the most of your Documill Dynamo Trial

Learn how to take advantage of Documill Dynamo’s full capabilities and boost your sales productivity significantly during the 30 day free trial.

Documill Dynamo is Documill’s easy-to-use document generation application that allows its users to create documents with one click, without leaving Salesforce. The extremely fast, intuitive template creation with a drag and drop interface & library of sample templates ensures that you can take full advantage of its capabilities without any coding skills required. This makes it easier for organizations to harness their Salesforce data and amplify their sales productivity significantly.

With the help of pre-defined workflows, built-in tasking, collaborative document creation and customizable document automation capabilities, Documill aims to empower its Dynamo user to save time on manual tasks, streamline business processes and increase efficiency while closing deals. However, here at Documill, we understand that just talking about its capabilities won’t do any justice to neither your curiosity nor our solution. Therefore, we offer a 30-day free trial of Documill Dynamo that is easily available to try from the Salesforce AppExchange so that you can experience the power of automation on something like a trial project and then judge it based on your results.

At the same time, we are also aware that 30 days is not a long time. Hence, we prepared a few points that can help you save some time getting started and make the most out of this free trial:

1.  Call us to consult with an expert

We understand your excitement for not wasting any time and integrating Dynamo in your Salesforce to start reaping its benefits right away.

But before you get started, there is something you should do if you have not done it yet. We recommend all our users contact us and schedule a consultancy call with the Documill Dynamo team prior to the trial. By doing so, the Documill Dynamo team can assist you with all your queries and our expert consultants can even assist you in tailoring the Dynamo free trial experience as per your specific needs and use cases.

At Documill, we encourage a low barrier of contact for our customers which means that no matter what, we are here to help you. So, if you have a question about the free trial, then just write us at and we will get back to you shortly.

Having an expert consultation on your specific Dynamo use case can surely help you in maximizing your free trial experience.

2.  Utilize Dynamo Documentation as much as possible

If you are someone who enjoys and thrives in the presence of instruction manuals, then our pages might just be the right place for you to check out during installation.

Our Dynamo support team has prepared this portal to help users regarding everything related to Documill Dynamo. Here you can find all the important information on the following topics, which further contain countless other sub-topics:

Therefore, all the content on this portal is extremely useful to properly understand the nitty-gritty details of each capability of the Dynamo free trial. No matter what your specific use case with Dynamo would be, Dynamo Docs is a must-read for every user.

3.  Binge watch the Documill Dynamo playlists on YouTube

For people who prefer to learn visually, the Dynamo support team has prepared more than 25 videos that are available in the following YouTube playlists:

So, whether it is installation guides, customizable settings, or solutions for your current roadblock in template creation, these YouTube videos can help you save some time and extra effort.

4.  For Salesforce consultants and administrators

If you are a Salesforce admin or consultant who has just installed the Dynamo free trial from AppExchange, then you will definitely benefit from these points below:

  • Data Mapping: After successfully installing the free trial, remember to enable the API in Salesforce so that the Dynamo services can access your organization’s data. Also, it is always good to test the application in a separate sandbox organization before integrating it with the production organization right away. So, create a sandbox organization (or test environment) with a similar data model as you have in your production organization and test the Dynamo free trial with all its features based on what you need for your use case. Once the testing in the sandbox organization is validated and approved, everything then can be rolled into the production organization again. Having this proper development cycle ensures that the developer organization and the production organization have the same data model (and data too). This smooth rollout will make sure that you can focus on the template creation part instead of data model creation.


  • Template Building: One of the main components of Documill Dynamo’s automation solution is its template builder tool. This tool will enable your organization to automate the drafting of all kinds of sales documents, in line with your brand guidelines and as per your specific needs. Although Dynamo’s template builder tool allows you to have full control over the customization of your documents, our experience of 10+ years has given us a fair idea of what Salesforce-based organizations deal with when it comes to their documents. Therefore, we first suggest that you utilize the template examples included in the Dynamo free trial. This is the easiest and fastest way to at least test the tool and then perhaps modify these templates as per your needs.

5.  Instructions for your end-users

As mentioned earlier, our main goal with Dynamo is to empower your sales team by saving their time that is wasted on tedious copy-waste work when drafting documents that are high volume in numbers and reduce manual errors to create consistent and reliable high value business documents. So, to make sure that your sales representatives can edit documents as per their needs, it is important to have detailed specifications as per your organization’s use cases to help you achieve the desired outcome faster during the 30-day trial.

The users and business stakeholders should also be well-versed in creating the automated workflows that Documill Dynamo enables. As mentioned already, the YouTube demo videos are extremely helpful to understanding what Dynamo is capable of and watching them is of a great help when planning and preparing your workflows. After getting an idea of your specific requirements, it is good to communicate with the consultants and admins to get the best user experience. Also, the users may have trouble in getting their flows to work properly when clicking the Dynamo button. In order to avoid this problem, we strongly advise you to set your browser settings to allow 3rd party content.


We believe that once you get accustomed to taking full advantage of the Dynamo free trial’s capabilities, the best way to move forward is to contact us and arrange a short meeting, add all the necessary participants of this project in your organization and tell us how they can best contribute to the evaluation. After that we can discuss and decide which direction we can proceed together from here on.

You can download the free trial using this link.

Please keep in mind that if you experience any issues during the Documill Dynamo trial, you can always shoot us a message and possible screenshots or screen recording at, so we understand the situation better and can provide you with timely support!

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