Help every salesperson write like your top copywriter – Easy as ABC

Not every salesperson is a natural poet. But you can help them write like one with just a click in Salesforce.

Not every salesperson is a natural poet – and yet, good communication skills play a paramount part in closing those all-important deals.

That is why deploying an advanced document automation app in your Salesforce makes sense. It allows your whole team of salespeople to:

  1. Produce pixel-perfect documents with a click of a button.
  2. Send that document to a customer in an automatically generated high-quality personalized email.

Generating the document

Once you have installed the automation app, generating the document is easy. You just need to click a button in your Salesforce object – usually Opportunity – and you are all hunky-dory.

Based on a ready-made template, the email can have many use cases. In the case of an outgoing offer, for instance, it can show a summary of all the important details: the items included, sum total, expiration date and so forth. This will give the recipient a clear idea of the offer content in an instant. And naturally, there is room for free text written by your top copywriter.

How to set it up easily?

For the Salesforce admin, setting up such an email generation function for a whole sales team does not have to take more than a minute or two. That is, once you have chosen a good-quality document automation app and deployed it, complete a template for it.

As each such solution works somewhat differently, we show here how to do it with Documill Dynamo. It is available straight out of the Salesforce AppExchange. Here we go:

  1. Open your quotation template (and click (1) Settings,
  2. Click Save & Email and
  3. Click Enable email feature.
  4. Then give the message a title
  5. To see immediately how the message will look (5)
  6. Then click Send, and
  7. add your own email address in the To..
  8. …and click (8) Send
  9. Now, check your inbox. Still needs fixing? Repeat any steps above.

Easy as ABC, isn’t it?

Actually, why not check and even try out Documill Dynamo for free right now?

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