Document collaboration just got better in Salesforce – with Documill Leap

Document collaboration app in Salesforce.

Our new release of the Documill Leap collaboration app takes its ease of use and capabilities even further. Get a quick outline of the prime goodies.

Thriving customers keep us thriving, too. Knowing this, we keep our products continuously evolving with an eye firmly on what our customers need next.

Providing top document collaboration tools tailored for salespeople is a key focus for us – along with delivering document generation solutions across the various Salesforce clouds. Recently, we introduced a new release of our Documill Leap collaboration app in Salesforce AppExchange to take its ease of use and capabilities even further.

Want a quick outline of the prime goodies? Here we go:

  • Easier setup. It is no secret that getting an app up and running in Salesforce can be slightly clumsy at times and take quite a few steps. We have now thoroughly examined the setup procedure for Documill Leap and brought all hassle to minimum. You can cope with fewer steps, directed by an easy-to-follow guide.
  • Support to any Salesforce object, including custom objects (as long as it contains account data). Feel free to launch your Leap project anywhere within Salesforce – no matter what your configuration or data model.
  • Basic contract management included. Documill Leap comes now complete with Documill Agreement custom object. Use it to keep track of your contracts and their expiry dates, get reminders and reports on your processes, and so forth.
  • Further enhanced document collaboration for Documill Dynamo users. Our Documill Dynamo document generation solution offers flexible document collaboration capabilities itself. Pairing it with Documill Leap can heighten these to a yet new level, thanks to a tight integration between the two available now. This twin solution feels not at all unlike having MS Word fully embedded in Salesforce, peppered with all the benefits of top-level document generation and workflows.
  • Even more powerful document generation for Documill Dynamo users. Speaking about workflows, the benefits of the twin solution go two ways. Would you like to automatically prompt afor different users? Pair it with Documill Leap and you got it – among other cool things.
  • Better overview of all project logs. Find them collected on one page.
  • Available for all Salesforce plans except Essentials. If you have a Salesforce Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited subscription – just go for it.
  • The cherry on the cake: our five-star customer service (just click on the reviews here!). Our support team is ready to promptly and expertly assist you right when you need help with your personalized solution.

So there you go. Take a look at Documill Leap now and see, where it can help you in your document collaboration needs.

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