Complete email communication solution for Salesforce Service Cloud

First-rate customer service hinges on the delivery of accurate and personalized messages. See how customer requirements, however demanding, are served with Documill’s email-centric claim management solution for automotive clients.    

First-rate customer service hinges on the timely delivery of accurate and personalized messages. Automotive clients who rely on Salesforce can recognize demanding customer requirements and serve them with Documill’s email-centric claim management solution.   

In this article, I will walk you through how easy it is for support agents to provide premium customer service based on relevant data.

Complete email communication solution for Salesforce Service Cloud

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Standardize personalized responses with email templates 

Email templates within Salesforce are the obvious starting point for customer correspondence. Template adjustments can be easily done for different brands and countries in one place. With Documill, the support agent can use the integrated email editor to effortlessly generate a message. 

Tailor the response with snippets from a pre-approved knowledge base library 

During the email creation process, an automatically filtered, pre-approved, knowledge-base library provides canned snippets that help create more relevant responses. This library is filtered based on the case language and brand to make finding the right snippets a breeze. The customer service representative, when composing a response within the email editor, can simply use the search within the clause panel and easily insert a quick text snippet into the editable area by dragging and dropping.  

Efficiently and automatically request approvals 

Once the support agent has created and edited the email, it can be sent to a supervisor for approval via Documill. The system automatically identifies, assigns, and notifies the predefined approval group for efficient processing. 

The assigned supervisor then receives a notification regarding the approval request and, if relevant, a Chatter message notification. By simply clicking on the provided link, they can access the right email for review. The supervisor is then able to make adjustments if needed and give approval.  

Following the approval, the support agent receives a notification that the email has been approved. Highlighted changes can be reviewed before forwarding the correspondence to the client. Support agents also have the option to compare the latest version with the previous one. In the event of rejection, the workflow can be reset to address any necessary additional revisions. 

Achieve a delightful customer experience that’s consistent regardless of the agent 

Complete email communication solution for Salesforce Service Cloud

The customer receives a well-formatted email response, complete with the appropriate branding directly to their email. If the customer has any further questions, they can reply to the email, and their response will be visible to the automotive support agent within the Salesforce Service Console’s Case feed. Finally, any additional messages can be effortlessly generated using Documill directly in Salesforce. 

As a result, support agents can quickly provide personalized and accurate correspondence to customers while complying with the company’s branding, guidelines and quality standards. Seamless communication and collaboration between support agents, brand-specific approval groups, and customers in the automotive industry will elevate the overall customer experience. 

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