Centroplan works to save the environment – now also with Documill

Success Story: Documill digitalized and automated document management for its client, Centroplan. By reducing manual work, increasing contract compliance, and simplifying work with complex documents, Documill enabled Centroplan to focus on solar panels and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Centroplan is now doing the solar panel business faster and even more sustainably – with Documill.

“Extraordinarily great support! And I love the function to edit templates after being generated.”
– Rocco Gerhardt, Executive, Centroplan

With Documill, Centroplan deployed sales document automation for offers. As a result, the sales cycle was radically accelerated with boosted productivity, among other things.

Introducing Centroplan

Centroplan started as a roofer more than 125 years ago. The company has had a strong drive to increase customer loyalty by providing additional products and services, which has helped Centroplan to evolve into a top specialist for solar-paneled roofs for commercial buildings.

The company’s key values are built around firm customer orientation, high level of motivation of all employees, quality and speed of execution, innovativeness – and, need it be said, sustainability. On top of it all lies a quest for unsurpassed quality, testified by the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate the company acquired in 2019.

As part of the Pohlen Gruppe, with a company history of over 125 years, Centroplan has a wealth of experience to build on. Now it employs a staff of circa 400, with operations stretching from Europe to the US and China.

Centroplan’s challenges

The following challenges were at the forefront when Centroplan decided to implement document automation for its Salesforce:

Time-consuming manual work. Creating offer documents manually took a lot of time for the Centroplan sales team. There was clearly a need to speed up the sales cycle with this particular task and use salespeople’s time more productively.

Complexity of documents. To add to the difficulty of the manual work, certain sections in Centroplan’s offers required proper editing capabilities. A one-size-fits-all solution certainly would not do.

Compliance and data fidelity. Much time was spent by the sales reps on transferring data back and forth between the documents and Centroplan’s CRM, . Errors were not uncommon and could come costly. Making data processing more reliable was a must – to ensure compliance with the ISO 9001 standard, regulations and the company branding.

Need to improve customer experience. The faster and easier the sales process, the happier the customers. To retain and grow its competitive edge, Centroplan wanted to consistently produce high-quality sales documents for its customers.

The Documill solution

Centroplan turned to Documill for a customized solution to address all their challenges at once.

Streamlined sales process. Instead of using a combination of tools, one workflow and interface were harnessed to generate and send the offer documents: Salesforce. No more application hopping.

Dramatic reduction in manual work. Documill’s capability to deal with complex documents allowed meeting Centroplan’s needs exactly. Advanced editing capabilities were implemented where needed.

Reduced administrative work. With the offer templates centralized in Salesforce, they are much easier to manage and maintain.

ISO standard compliance. In 2019, Centroplan successfully passed the audit acc. DIN EN ISO 9001 for quality management.  An ISO 27001 certified company, Documill is fully aligned with the security requirements of its customers and partners.

Less paper. When you work on solutions to save the environment, you just must practice what you preach. Document generation eliminates the need to print on paper, especially when combined with electronic signatures.

Five-star helpdesk service. “Extraordinarily great support! Love the function to edit templates after being generated.” – Rocco Gerhardt,  Executive, Centroplan

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