Byner’s go-to document automation solution: Documill 

Customer success story: Byner benefits from Documill's document automation to streamline document management and boost efficiency.

Byner’s platform helps agencies work smarter and faster and outpace the competition in finding, attracting, placing, engaging and retaining the best talent.

Talent scarcity affects the overall labor market. Staffing and recruitment agencies suffer from a growing number of long-term unfilled vacancies. Amongst fierce competition, they use every muscle to find and attract the right talent for the right jobs – not just for their customers, but themselves too, in the face of ‘the Great Resignation’.

Byner: the fastest-growing solution for agencies in staffing, secondment & recruitment in the Benelux 

Byner provides an integral and trusted platform for end-to-end talent and customer engagement, from a powerful CRM and recruitment system (ATS) to mid-office as well as efficient contract and invoice administration. The platform helps agencies to stand out from the crowd and work smarter and faster and outpace the competition in finding, attracting, placing, engaging and retaining the best talent.  

Based on the Salesforce platform, Byner provides its customers 360° insights into their clients, suppliers and the professionals they engage with. In Byner everything converges, so agencies build strong long-term relationships with professionals, suppliers and customers. 

This has made Byner the fastest-growing solution for staffing, secondment and recruitment agencies in the Benelux. The company won the award for the Most Innovative Staffing Tooling Start-Ups and in 2023, Byner was recognized as the #1 technology platform for Staffing & Recruitment in the independent Recruitment Tech Survey. 

Documill is part of the deal 

With efficient document and time administration as a cornerstone, Byner chose Documill as the go-to document automation app for its customers.  

“Documill is our preferred partner for our customers’ document generation needs. In practice, it is a part of our package”, says Stijn Vangenechten, Co-Founder at Byner. 

Indeed, Documill can be used for all kinds of documents on branded templates, including the business-critical contracts of Byner’s customers. Among other similar applications, it provides unique versatility and a basis for innovation – not least because of its native eSigning and automatically triggered document generation via an Application Program Interface (API). 

Says Frank Gielen, Co-Founder at Byner: “All the relevant documents in the entire customer, professional and supplier journeys are covered by Documill. And those come complete with workflow automation and electronic signing. Easy, modern, all with just a click of a button.” 

Innovations beyond common document automation 

With Documill’s versatility come opportunities for innovation, far beyond the obvious document automation use cases like offers, employee and other contracts, and so forth.  

For example, documents like reports can be generated by the system automatically, without even a click by a human agent, as mentioned above. 

And upon getting a new assignment, a Byner’s customer can send an assignment confirmation document via the ATS to be digitally signed by its customer, whether a company worker or a freelancer. Not a common use of document automation, especially considering how smoothly the workflow runs with a super-tightly integrated digital signing capability. 

Or when a Byner’s customer gets an assignment to find a new employee, the Byner’s customer can send its customer a project confirmation. Just a click and off goes the document, again to be signed electronically by that customer. With that, let the search for new talent begin. 

Crucially, these new use cases have been innovated together so they meet Byner’s and its customers’ specific needs instead of settling for a mere off-the-shelf solution. 

Benefits: improved efficiency, productivity and customer experience 

But as with any business software, it is the performance of the solution that justifies the investment. 

As regards Documill, says Stijn Vangenechten: “Looking at just the everyday work of our customers’ staff, the Documill solution makes it faster. They have more time to work with their customers and add real value. There is simply less physical work: 

  • sending back and forth all kinds of paperwork 
  • writing emails to send documents, as these too are automated 
  • scanning of documents. 

Or look at it from the perspective of compliance. Byner’s customers can ensure much smoother and safer processes:  

  • all proper contracts have been signed before starting an assignment 
  • better engagement between the customer and a candidate with a clear process 
  • audit trail: all legal documents have signing logs for status tracking 
  • insights: all documents are centrally stored and labeled for easy status monitoring 
  • the excellent Documill user experience that ensures smooth processes.  

A partner, not just a vendor 

A product delivered is one thing, the relationship with its supplier is yet another. With business software, both usually have to work well to achieve top performance.  

How has Documill’s customer service been, Frank Gielen? 

“It has been fast to react to our help requests. And highly responsive to any issue, not only for us but our customers, too, they tell us. Although Documill is far away from Benelux in Finland, it feels like you’re working right with your next-door neighbor.” 

Overall, Stijn Vangenechten says that work with Documill is smooth, trustworthy and reliable. “All Documill’s commercial agreements with our customers work well and nicely.” 

“There is so much to recommend in Documill to any partnering company. The product itself is high-quality and complete. It integrates tightly with Byner and Salesforce and there have been no limitations in branding it to our exacting needs.”

“But perhaps most important, Documill proves to be a partner rather than a vendor. We always work together as a team and strive to make an impact on our customers and contribute to their success.” 

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