Welcome to Documill – Vlada Polishchuk

Welcome to Documill – Vlada Polishchuk

While Vlada is a talented pianist, she has recently spent most of her time on another keyboard, creating marketing content for Documill. Welcome!

Documill has seen considerable growth during the past year and with new business come new faces. In this series, we will turn the spotlight on those who have chosen to join Documill to further their careers. 

Today we welcome one of the two latest additions to the marketing team, Vlada Polishchuk. Vlada has joined Documill as a Marketing Specialist. She joins us directly out of university and we hope to offer her the ideal kickstart to her career. 

Originally from St. Petersburg, Vlada has since made her way to Helsinki via Kouvola. And we’re very happy that she’s survived Kouvola, which, as we’ve noted earlier, is often described as Finland’s most useless town. 

Luckily, Vlada is the opposite of useless and has the talent to become a strong and dependable player in Documill’s marketing team.

Talented & eager 

Vlada’s talent runs deeper than marketing. Already from a young age, she’s been competing in piano competitions across Europe. Funnily enough, it was during one of these competitions that she decided that she wanted to live in Finland.  

She still remembers that she was 10 years old and attending an international music competition in Nuremberg, Germany: The Internationaler Jugendmusikantenwettbewerb “Brücke der Freundschaft.” While she achieved a 2nd place finish in the solo piano category, what really left an impression on her was how friendly the Finnish people were and how the teachers interacted with their students. It was nothing like back at home and from then on, she was determined that she wants to study and live in Finland. And she managed to do so (obviously…) 

Music still heavily influences her today. For example, in her spare time she likes to work on her startup to, in her own words,

“… create an independent entertainment label to make music watchable like football, with more focus on creativity and less on mass production. It will be a platform, or a service really, that focuses on entertainment and creativity rather than monetization.” 

And that’s an admirable goal to pursue. It’s no surprise then, that she’s keen to learn about all aspects of digital marketing as the knowledge would transfer well to her personal project.

Finding her footing at Documill 

Vlada graduated from XAMK in May, right after joining Documill. In fact, it was an article about a previous XAMK alumni who joined Documill that convinced her that this was the right company for her. She was happy to read that Documill offers opportunities to young professionals and gives them the time and tools to learn on the job. 

While she’s a talented pianist, she has recently spent most of her time on the other keyboard to write an article on How to become a Salesforce Consultant in 2023. On top of that, Vlada has been working on new videos for our YouTube channel and supporting our (recently expanded) sales team. Being able to edit videos quickly and professionally has proven to be a real value add already. 

When asked about lunch, she said that it’s nice that everyone shares stories about their own lives rather than talk about work during the break. However, she’s not a fan of having to pay €12,- for a tiny hotdog. Unfortunately, we all can relate. 

Still, despite the subpar sausages, welcome to Documill Vlada! 

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