Welcome to Documill – Raúl Partida 

For some reason, he reminded me of the professor from La casa de papel. But no, Raúl joined us as a Partnerships Manager, not to orchestrate a bank robbery.

Documill has seen considerable growth during the past year and with new business come new faces. In this series, we will turn the spotlight on those who have chosen to join Documill to further their careers. 

Raúl Partida. For some reason, he reminded me of the professor from La casa de papel. The glasses. The beard. The accent maybe?  

Either way, Raúl joined us not to orchestrate a bank robbery, but to reinvigorate partner relations in his new role as Partnerships Manager. A different way of printing money. Names like Berlin and Stockholm will still be on his mind, but only as destinations of the next Salesforce events.  

Speaking of cities, Raúl is originally from Madrid, Spain. Like all our foreign employees, he eventually found his way to Helsinki, Finland. With eventually being the operative word here.

Vacation work 

His reasons for coming to Finland are somewhat different than the typical story and as such, worth telling.  

Raúl didn’t actually move to Finland proper until much later. His foreign adventure started when he went on vacation to the autonomous archipelago of Åland with the agreement to start a new job upon returning to Spain.  

He never did return Spain. Rather, Raúl got offered a job as a Sales Manager on the island and decided to take it. (He does these days regularly go back to Spain to get his dose of Vitamin D). 

The opportunity to work and live on the “Islands of Peace” especially as a foreigner, is a rather unique one. Åland, a demilitarized zone, has roughly 30,000 inhabitants and the foreigners that do live there are typically from nearby Sweden, where they speak the same language. The island has so-called hembygdrätt – home region rights – that restrict foreigners in their possibilities to own property or offer services to some extent. A rare exception to the EU’s principle of freedom of movement. 

Still. Island life, including the boat, the sea view, and creating children in his spare time, eventually felt dull compared to the bustling life of Madrid. So, they packed up and moved to the ever-vibrant and sunny… Helsinki?

Partner management  

During the past 9 years on the mainland, Raúl has worked extensively in partnership roles to supplement his previous sales and software development experiences. 

At Documill, Raúl will continue to build upon his expertise of partner management – rekindling existing relationships and building new ones. He has already started regular meetings with some of our most active partners and has also accelerated co-marketing activities. 

Partners, both strategic and technical, are essential for Salesforce ISVs. They help navigate the vast ocean that is Salesforce customization. Their expertise helps identify and implement solutions that complement an already versatile CRM. And it’s up to Raúl to identify those partners that best meet customers’ needs.  

To say that working with the right partners is of strategic importance for Documill might be an understatement; Without them, we would not be where we are today. 

Raúl, welcome to Documill. 

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