Welcome to Documill – Mark McGinn 

Welcome to Documill – Mark McGinn

Celtic blood runs through Mark’s veins and Celtic F.C., football in general and sales are his passions.

Documill has seen considerable growth during the past year and with new business come new faces. In this series, we will turn the spotlight on those who have chosen to join Documill to further their careers. 

Recently we’ve been strengthening our sales team and one of the reinforcements is Mark. Hailing from Scotland, Mark McGinn is surprisingly well-spoken and easy to understand.  

Mark has joined Cassandra’s team as an Account Manager. In this role, he’ll manage existing clients in the automotive industry as well as clients in the UK & Germany. In addition, he’s tasked with bringing in new business in these spaces.

Hail Hail the Celts are here

Celtic blood runs through Mark’s veins. And that’s no exaggeration as Celtic F.C. has influenced his life literally since he was born. And yes, I do mean literally here. His dad was at a Celtic game – Tommy Burn’s Testimonial against Liverpool – as his mother was giving birth to him. Now that’s dedication. 

He’s the co-founder of the Celtic supporters’ group in Finland, which has recently seen memberships rise into the double digits. Mark’s living room is no longer large enough to accommodate everyone, so the Old Irish Pub on Mannerheimintie is the go-to for all their matches now. Well, as long as the skiing’s not on.  

And his love for football goes deeper than just watching Celtic play. Mark also plays in FC Pakila (Division 7) and SUMU (Division 2, Over 35) which means that he’ll regularly play 2 matches in an evening.  

I guess you can say he’s a team player.

It’s a grand new team

Being a team player is definitely a plus when the entire team is new and there is so much to take in and so many processes to figure out. Still, according to Mark “The vibe within the commercial team is that everyone’s on the same team. We understand that we’ve been dropped in at the deep end and we’re here to help each other. The general philosophy seems to be that it’s a team sport and we need to work together. That’s been really refreshing.” 

Luckily, not everything is new as there’s a sizable list of clients for the new account managers to divide among themselves. Being able to learn about existing cases and contact customers has been vital to getting up to speed.  

“So far, it’s been really enjoyable to work with existing customers and every single one has said how happy they are. Nothing but positive vibes all around.” 

He has special praise for the partners that he’s inherited. “The partners have been very welcoming and I feel like I’m in a good position to build strong relationships with them. From a technical perspective, our solutions seem to be a bit ahead of the curve. We’re flexible. Like, building things in HTML rather than just having to use Word documents. There’s also a bit of a legacy that other companies haven’t been able to deliver on their promises and Documill has picked up the pieces. They know we can deliver.” 

And we’re all confident that Mark will deliver as well. His first deals are already on the books. Welcome to Documill, Mark. 

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